Sunday, July 31, 2005

Governmemt: Top Prez Aide - Karl Rove: The politics of holding off the Plame-Wilson cell to discredit the Prez's War policy

As the story of President Bush's top aid, Karl Rove, starts to Rove in so many directions that it becomes difficult to decide where and how to focus in order to many sense of it all. Eric Black's article, Many ways to parse Rove story, in The Minneapolis-St Paul StarTribune,July 31, 2005, attempts to do just that for us. To parse the story, Black comes up with five headings to tell us what the story is about:

1.) It's about the war.
2.) It's about the law.
3.) It's about credibility.
4.) It's about journalism.
5.) It's about politics ...

"Well, sure."

This is a good read; just click the headline above and wade in. Meantime or thereafter, check out these two additional items from the Star Tribune's coverage of the roving story of Rove.

Rove broke no law.
Plame would very probably lose a civil suit against him in court, were she to try that avenue of revenge for her overt/covert misdeeds. She got outted, one way or another. You now, exposed along with her hubby, as a pair of disloyalists.

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