Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thursday updates, new blog entries, hot newslinks - Canadian drug tunnel closed by US

New today: Human Diversity: Physiogamy & Development: Hermaphroditism - no miracle, just creation doing what God intended, I'd say
New today : Canada: Senate: Upper Chamber makes it official: Generic "marriage" is in, trad mrrge out - Steele effect in full force?
New today : Terrorism: UK London counts 1 injured, otherwise survives new bomb attempts
New today: Economics: USA Employment down, manufacturing up - thumbnail background & forecast
New yesterday Toronto Special: Quirks of City Life : Toronto whacks Miss Universe
New yesterday Philosophy: Science & Story: The importance of narrative in science, not only compatible, but inseparable
New yesterday Juridics: Children's Rights: Martin Guggenheim asks, What's wrong with 'children's rights'? UPDATED WITH MAJOR COMMENTARY!
New yesterday Sports: Baseball: Phillies hold their own, Nats surprise of the season; Jays seek breakthru past triumvirate
New today - unblogged newslinks: none yet!
New yesterday - unblogged newslinks:
• UN Reserve Fund could have prevented disaster in Niger's famine
• Hizbollah terrorist org's parliament members get ministerial post in Lebanon's govt
• Turk Foreign Minister condemns US Sen Trancredo's bomb-Mecca call if US hit by Islamic terrorists again
• Bush nominates Fed Appeals Court Judge, John Roberts, to become Supreme Court Justice
• South Africa's Mbeki pressured by oppositon Movement for Democratic Change: trade loans for Zimbabwe reforms
• Peruvians march to protest major govt corruption

New two days back Canada: Politics: 66% of Tories want to keep Harper as leader; 41% of all Canadians (voters?)
New two days back Latin America: Guatemala: New info surfaces on rightwing death squads in Guatemala's recent past, some Pentecostal Christians implicated
New two days back War: Terrorism Dead chldren killing Al-Quaeda. Plus: Al-Jazeera lashes back in its own propaganda war.
New two days back Politics: Quebec: LeDevoir's Jean-Louis Bourque says only return of Bernard Landry will stave off PQ's disaster

New three days backEconomics: Social Audit of firms: Ethical investing faces self-serving business annual reports that hide anti-social practices
New three days back: Science: Behaviourism: Behaviour causes attitudes, says blog Canadian Steele, so you'll get over State-imposed gmarriage
New three days back: Politics: Asia: Pakistan is no true ally

UPDATE July 18, "China Wants War," Charles R. Smith, on the Communist Chinese General's threat to use nukes to take-over Taiwan in the case of a US defense of the island
UPDATE: July 19, "Mad-cow 'threat': overblown politics," a commentary by Froma Harrop, in The Christian Science Monitor throws further lite on the ongoing developments regarding the sale of Northern beef south of the border. Scroll to July 15 blog entry Commerce: US & Canada: How now beef fans, Mad Cow ban lifted!, wow!
UPDATES: Karl Rove story(our original blog, July 13).
•• July 18 "Bush loses some luster on crediblity."
•• July 16 "Rove emailed security official about talk," John Solomon,San Fransisco Gate raises question of a "leak" not necessarily meeting legal requirements for penalty. It depends on several factors.
••Don't miss our July 15 update, "Valerie Palme's Soap Opera," to our blog entry for Wed, July 13 - the one about Karl Rove, Whistleblower in The Wall Street Journal's Opinion Journal.

Don't miss from the intrepid and always interesting Canadianna's Place on "Same-Sex, the RC Church, the UN, and so on...."

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