Friday, July 29, 2005

Toronto: City Life: Miller stirs up flak on US source of TO's trouble with guns, Miss Uni gets more notice

Toronto GunsN'Shootin's Watch

Seems that Hizzworship has stirred up a flying furious flurry of flak with his attempt to make the USA the sole problem in regard to Toronto's problem with guns being shot off all over the place these days, by the usual crims. Don't miss Gary Reid's whack at the Mayor in Gary's article today on David Miller, "What a Maroon!," Canadian Free Press, July 29, 2005. (I doubt Gary is aware that "Maroon" is a very specific name for a community of Blacks who were removed from the Carribean and brawt to Halifax under duress.) Theme of the article: David Miller on guns and shootings in Toronto, how its all America's fawlt. Oh yeah, and them Maroons. Click the blog entry title above. But, ironic humour aside, there does seem to be a pattern here, eh? Miller blames guns shot off in Toronto on the USA, and McGuinty blames Toronto's smog on the USA's Federal government, as tho all those automobiles streaming down the Don Valley Parkway every morning aren't commuters coming to town to work, and then going home in the evening, and then the cottagers streaming out on the weekends, and returning again home for work during the week. 70% of Toronto's smog and unbreathable air is the product of our own automobiles, trucks, and planes. But the name of the game is blame USA, and duck the problem at hand. - Politicarp

Miss Universe Watch

"A champion of her silly activity," by Raywat Deonandan, Toronto Star, July 29, 2005. The writer with right good humour makes some telling comparisons.
Miss Uni events should be respected like like baseball and synchronized swimming (thos there's not much of that at Nathan Phillips Square in front of City Hall A hoot! - Owlie Scowlie

That bit about comparing Miss Universe and the Barenakedies of Gay Pride Day Toronto. Read letter-writer Henrietta Wasik in a droll epistle to Ancaster News, July 29, 2005. Whatever your orientation. same rules must apply - Owlb

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