Sunday, March 05, 2006

China: Diaspora: Hunger Strike by activists against Human Rights suppression

D.J.McGuire of China e-Lobbyreports a March 6-7 Global Relay Hunger Strike for Human Rights in China called by Epoch magazine involving Chinese diaspora and friends around the world. Starts tonite, Sunday, at 9pm, according to your own time zone. The reasons for the strike, and its demands follow:
"1. Immediately and unconditionally release all the people who have been secretly abducted and are illegally detained, including Wen Haibo, Ouyang Xiaorong, Ma Wendu, Hu Jia, Yan Zhengxue, Yang Zaixin, and Qi Zhiyong.

2. Immediately and unconditionally release all the writers, journalists and political dissidents who are illegally incarcerated, including Hu Shigen, Wang Bingzhang, He Depu, Zheng Enchong, Yang Jianli, Huang Jinqiu, Shi Tao, Zhang Lin, Yang Tianshui, Zheng Yichun, Xu Wanping, Li Zhi, Zhao Yan, Cheng Xiang (also spelled as Ching Cheong), Qin Yongmin, Luo Yongzhong, Cai Lujun, Xu Wei, Yang Zili, Jin Haike, Zhang Honghai, Yu Huafeng, Li Minying, Ye Guozhu, Cai Zhuohua, Feng Bingxian, Li Yuanlong.

3. Immediately end the illegal and atrocious seven year persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Immediately and unconditionally release all people who are illegally incarcerated for their beliefs, including Christians and Catholics. Immediately restore the rights of the human rights lawyers who were deprived of their right to practice their legal profession. These lawyers include Zheng Enchong, Gao Zhisheng, Guo Guoting, and Yang Zaixin."

For those who are unaware, a Relay Hunger Strike for Human Rights Support Group has been conducting staggered strikes for nearly a month now, at the urging of Group founder and human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng, who has been under constant surveillance and harassment from the Communist regime for months. In fact, the cadres detained Gao for two hours on Saturday, Mar4,2k6.
- Section of McGuire post reposted by Politicarp

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