Monday, March 06, 2006

Culture: Books: Book Notes repros bundle of books on Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art

Thanks to phronesis a bundle of books on philosophical aesthetics from new anthologies of classics in the field, to reflections on newly-emerging kinds of artworks in the philosophy of the arts for today, has been amazoned at the Book No(te)s & Ye(a)s(t)s webpage of the Reformational Cliosophy site. The new phronesis list first appeared on Gideon Strauss blog, just a few days back. Thanks very much, Gideon! On Book No(te)s & Ye(a)s(t)s the live-link connection to the relevant Amazon page will be maintained, while gradually the titles will be integrated into the page's system of 3-way indeces (Author, Title, and Review - the latter eventually being organized into categories by scholarly discipline and/or literary genre). If you can offer a review of a solid paragraph, or 300 words, and would like to do so for any of the titles listed on the page, let cliostory know: semiotics "at" mac "dot" com.

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