Monday, March 06, 2006

Culture Wars: Secularism: Ex-Muslims ally with anti-Christian Humanism to end pluralism

Professional academics are now turning their attention to griddle-cakes historiography of the Cartoon Wars, from their earliest origins to their pathological outcomes to date. One of these professional historiographers now whipping up the batter and pouring it into his fry pan is a 40s-something historian and lecturer from Copenhagen, Denmark. To date, his blog Random Platitudes offers 6 installments of his survey.

The Cartoon Row dissected - Part 1 (Feb16,2k6)
A Digression [#1]: Origins of xenophobia in Denmark (Feb17,2k6)
The Cartoon Row dissected - Part 2 (Feb18,2k6)
Another Digression [#2]: Freedom of speech, and discrimination laws in Denmark (Feb20,2k6)
The Cartoon Row dissected - Part 3 (Feb23,2k6)
The Cartoon Row dissected - Part 4 (Feb27,2k6)

Sometime soon I hope to dissect this "Whig Interpretation of History."


Now, let's do a little digressing of our own. Starting with a New Statesman [UK] item (Feb20,2k6) by cartoonist Samir El-Youssef who wants to tell us "Poking fun at the Prophet is useless ... The satire would be better directed at earthly religious powers." His great inspiration is Monty Python's The Life of Brian, which inimitably spoofs the life of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The story of early Islam has a hilariously comic side that would be a gift for the Python scriptwriters. Yet I’ve never tried to write such a version. Obviously, if I did so I would be risking a fatwa. At the same time, I’m also inhibited by a deep-rooted politeness towards religion,

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