Thursday, February 09, 2017

How Did Trade With China Get So Messed Up?

How come our trade deficit with China is so unbalanced? Currently, starting out in 2017 before Donald Trump takes office is hovering around $460 to $500 Billion annually. Interestingly enough, either the Obama Administration doesn't want to be embarrassed by the real numbers or no one actually knows just how bad it really is. We don't have free or fair trade with China and hopefully some of that will soon change. China is such a powerhouse of manufacturing that they could produce enough products for 5 planets with the combined global GDP.

So, where are we today? Well, we've allowed ourselves to get to this place, it's time to right this ship and sell it full of products back across that Pacific Ocean full of our goods and wares for the growing domestic consumption of China, and they'll have to oblige if they want continued access to our markets and peace in the world.

You know the worst of it? We have globalist billionaires, many went over to set up in China, they stole technology, information, and sell things back here bypassing all the rules, many of these internationals business entrepreneurs didn't care, and they influenced our politicians to institute stupid regulations to purposely slow companies here that compete with them around the world. It's a giant shell game to them.

Sure, they go where it makes sense, but many left the US because we were treating them so crappy. Do I blame them? It's hard to, you should see how my government treated me in my business, I am still a little pissed about that. The system is rotten to the core at so many levels.

Did you know the CEO of Blackwater is actually running a company out of Hong Kong now guaranteeing safe convoys in Africa for Chinese state-run companies extracting resources? We can hire them too, The Carlyle Group does, so do our oil companies there. We cannot keep screwing over the best and brightest US loyalist entrepreneurs and then expect them to be here for team USA when the 'fit hits the shan'.

One thing great about Americans is that we love everyone everywhere around the world and for the most part when traveling we are treated very well, Americans also come together for our team as almost a sense of responsibility, every executive of every company, every small business person too, but yet we crap on these people, that's so wrong. We've practically told half of the Fortune 500, you aren't welcome here anymore, no wonder they set up abroad, why wouldn't they?

Look what we are doing. The simplest thing we could do is to Change Our Attitude, say we are sorry, and tell them, promise them we won't ever treat them like that again. You watch what would then. We really need a leader who cares, speaks out, and stop this class warfare nonsense. See, now you got me fired up! Ha ha ha. Hoorah - Team USA!

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