Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Trump's Wall Will Never Happen

Listening to the raving and hateful messages he announced in his speech yesterday was enough to know that the wall Trump promises to build if elected will never happen. He is a potential dictator who assumes he will run the government if elected president. That simply cannot happen in the USA as it is not a one-man show. Unlike countries where leaders such as Assat, Gudafi, Hussein, and others came to power they did so with extreme violence.

Trump is forgetting the Senate and Congress. While President Obama has had many of his promises knocked back and become obsolete in the Senate there are lessons to be learned there for other aspiring leaders.

Trump states that from the first hour in office illegal migrants will be targeted and sent out of the USA. The facts are, however, that he has no authority to do that. The Constitution is clearly in favour of supporting people from all countries irrespective of their circumstances and that is not about to change just because one man says so.

To build a wall of the magnitude and cost he proposes will solve nothing. We live in a different world to even that of a few years ago when a massive fence was erected. Sophisticated tunnels have since been built that sees not only illegal migrants gaining free passage into the USA but drugs and other things as well.

Mexico is a poor disorganised and poverty-stricken country. No matter what measures he could put in place the ingenuity of humans will see it outdone. People are fighting for their lives in many cases and fleeing from inhumane and often murderous gangs. You can't stop their survival instincts from wanting better. No wall of any size or cost will stop them.

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