Monday, February 13, 2017

Water Crisis in Malaysia

I was sitting on the bench with my family close to the poolside toting a water bottle in hand. Glancing at the men and women and children going down the basin tubes from the slimy conveyor to the shallow depth at the Sagar restaurant situated in the midst of the Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia. Holding the water bottle for not too long, but keeping it over the table with a resolution that I now felt I was to follow-up on.

I was watching it rather than just seeing a demonic hand robbed just as the slender bottles, and before I could look any deeper the demon and the infernal fire feared by those who fear fire or death of any kind given to them only by "demons" and I bowed my eyes like any other outsider who I could pick from the streets and ask him to lay down his purse to my locker by telling him to do so without making him know how I did that.

I spoke no further because it showed a lot more than the empty bottle that never revealed the real cost of itself concealing a truth in the name of deceiving someone at least to the ones who weren't from the same state or country or anywhere near and never had anything to do with the place.

Where there was ample water to be drowned into there were empty glasses that still had Malaysian Ringgit to drink, put them brass over the Istana Negara gardens and what lays inside and say no more we are here to fill the King's gunny backs and these tourists are idiotic wanders. Let a man be sent to see, hear or learn anything or possibly everything before he moves out or be ready to be fooled at the place time and the person he chooses for because we have no control and I think someone sitting at the top may also have no control over that. If we can get their dry throats craving for water and remove all the water dispensers large hail to you gentlemen, we will build a palatial Kingdom out of their thirstiness.

I had doubt about the future of Malaysia as I had first heard it from a tour guide "they love their king more than the God" but if the king if the plunderer what can become of the nation is something I to doubt for as the future of Malaysia remains unknown to the people.

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